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We would like to applaud Divya Shingala for getting visa for Singapore. He is going to James Cook University to study Master Of International Tourism And Hospitality Management. We VIEC the Student Visa Specialist wish him all the best for his future. We send students to Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and many more on Student Visa. The quality of education in the Singapore is assessed by official bodies such as the Quality Assurance Agency. Singapore gives students uncounted opportunities to broaden their educational and cultural horizons. Students may think of getting an experience of some of the well known adventurous activities for which Singapore is world famous. Students prefer Singapore due to various reasons like Global recognition, Low cost of living, Diversity of Education. Contact VIEC the Student Visa Specialist, we have offices in RAJKOT, Junagadh and Jamnagar. #BeNext, #Uncompromised What is it that separates VIEC from others ?? apart from being an international company , what really matters is that we care for students, when a student is thinking about studying in Australia, we are thinking about future job possibilities, when student is thinking about studying in UK, we are working on how to get maximum scholarship for him, when student is thinking about getting an education loan, we are thinking how will parents pay the loan up. We go an extra step, our work is not just to get admission in a top ranking university or the student visa but make careers and that is what separates us from the herd.
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